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Hello and welcome to the European Council on Eating Disorders (ECED) website.

After a very succesful ECED General Meeting in Vilnius in September 2017, we move on to planning for ECED 2019 in Paris, France. We will keep you updated with developments on this as the date draws nearer. We have also agreed that the 2021 ECED General Meeting will take place in Belfast, Northern Ireland and the 2023 ECED General Meeting will be in The Netherlands.

In the meantime, two very exciting meetings are to take place. The first meeting of the Eastern European Eating Disorders Network (EEEDN) is to take place from June 29-July 1 in Kaunas, Lithuania. All details of this meeting can be downloaded from www.eeednconference.com  This conference is a bi-lingual meeting in English and Russian and hopes to draw delegates from a variety of independent Baltic states and from the region of Russia though participation is open to all who are interested in eating disorders.


If you are unable to attend this meeting, then perhaps you might consider attending the later annual eating disorders conference being held in the Alpbach region of Austria, -  Kongress Essstorungen 2018 from October 18-20, 2018.  They have an exciting programme of workshops too. All details available from http://www.netzwerk-essstoerungen.at/index_e.html 


Following a short discussion after the London ECED meeting in September 2009, I invited Prof. Gerald Russell to offer his comments on the ECED debates. In the DISCUSSION FORUM (click on the link at the top of this page), Prof. Russell has opened up a lively and challenging debate on the educational value of the ECED debates. Several colleagues have 'weighed in' with their own comments and you can add your comment too. I am very grateful to Gerald for his interest and passion on this unique aspect of ECED meetings.

ECED History
The ECED was formed in 1989 out of a desire for more dialogue and discussion pertaining to eating disorders. The ECED is an informal multidisciplinary network of people throughout Europe who work with eating disorder sufferers in a variety of contexts. After the first meeting in London, subsequent biennial meetings attracted an ever-increasing audience with professionals from all over Europe (and beyond) expressing interest in the format of ECED meetings. We now have some 750 contacts around the world. If you would like to be on our list of ECED contacts or contribute to the ECED website, then contact  - 
Gerard Butcher

Currently we meet every two years in a designated European city. Our next meeting will be in VILNIUS, LITHUANIA  in SEPTEMBER 2017.

Attendance is limited to some 160 delegates on a 'first-come, first-served' basis. The format of our two-day general meetings usually involves some challenging and rigorous debates on the ‘hot’ topics of the world of eating disorders. Two speakers are invited to present widely opposing views and the audience is then invited to join in, after which a vote is taken on whether to accept or defeat the motion. 

Apart from this there are a number of parallel sessions held with short presentations, followed by a discussion of the issues raised. Although the subjects presented may be research papers, they can also include some new innovations in theory or therapy presenters may wish to discuss with colleagues from a variety of professions and special-interest groups.



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